Ben’s Story

"It’s unbelievable how I have progressed when I look back and compare, and it makes me feel really proud of myself "Ben | East Riding

In the Beginning….

I have been suffering with anxiety probably for thirty or more years. This was with me through secondary school and through my working life. I have never had confidence when speaking and always feel I’m being put down because of speaking quietly and slowly. The trouble was, the more I panicked and worried, the worse it actually got – a vicious circle to be honest. It makes your mind over-work and worry constantly about what people think and say about you. People can be very cruel in this day and age. I have not only had this problem I have also had bereavement in my life. I lost my dad at 29 years old and my son when I was 37 year old. In addition, I had also been living with my partner, an alcoholic for 22 years. I suffered various sources of abuse before finally having to give my job up to look after my child as they were my priority. My anxiety increased and made me do some irrational things which made my life worse but also made me seek help and try to get a grip of myself.

How we helped Ben….

After joining Blokes Utd, I met a few men who mentioned Working for Health. Since I attended frequently and my life has improved on a big scale. From having the support from all of the team who have all given me the correct advice to try and move in a forward direction. Don’t get me wrong, I still have bad days where my mind works overtime, but this is mainly worrying about what people think and about facing people. However, it is much easier than it used to be. Talking my problems through, breathing properly and staying calm has really helped. Looking at worst possible scenarios and best way to deal with things are all things Working for Health have helped me with. I was introduced to the Timebank scheme and volunteered for them, getting back some music courses.

The Future….

I placed myself on as many programs and courses I could in order to get as much confidence and improve my self-esteem. This included group activities, tasks and problem solving and also talking in front of people remaining positive and focussed. It has also helped me believe in myself, breathe better and speak with ease. I did this as well as coming into Working for Health for one to one support and have now been lucky enough to get a part-time job with perfect hours. It’s unbelievable how I have progressed when I look back and compare, and it makes me feel really proud of myself and also very grateful for the help I have received. By putting myself forward for these programmes, like that offered by Working for Health was scary at first but they are incredibly rewarding. The future is without a doubt looking a lot brighter 🔆 thanks to myself, and all the people in these organisations who dedicate themselves to helping people. So don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. It’s the first steps which are the hardest but it does get easier.

My hopes are to go on to be a stronger, more confident person, and maybe to meet someone nice.

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Due to recent advice surrounding Covid-19, the offices at Working for Health are closed.  However, we remain operational and we will continue to offer remote support to our members and welcome new referrals.  In the meantime, Stay Safe.