Our Team

Our team at Working for Health have many years of experience in work recovery.

Our Board members have the job of overseeing all that we do. They ensure that we are meeting the needs of the people we are here to serve, that we are upholding our values, our vision and mission.

Diane Heaven

T: (01482) 242808

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So often, mental ill health stops people from reaching their potential. At Working for Health we change all that.

I’m Diane and I am one of the Directors and Co-founders of Working for Health. I have worked within the field of mental health for over 20 years and strongly believe employment helps recovery. I love my music and you will often find me singing along to a variety of music. When not at work, you can find me in my garden or sewing room. Being organised and having a consistent approach is important to me and I’m considered approachable and a good listener.

Ricky Newton

T: (01482) 242808

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I'm passionate about many things but at Working for Health, my passion is supporting people through their difficult journey.

When I’m not drinking coffee or on my Mac, watching or playing sport, I love to spend time with my family and friends. At Working for Health, I am one of the Co-founders and Directors and play an integral part in the recovery of the participants. Formula 1 is a particular passion of mine along with coaching a young football team. I love positivity, being organised, honesty and best of all, a good hot drink.

Work is good for you , on all levels. All the research, both ancient and modern, points to improved mental and physical wellbeing when someone is in suitable employment.

I’m David and am the Chair and one of the Directors of Working for Health. I have over 20 years of experience in the mental health service, mentoring and supporting people to develop their potential. I love being around positive people, being organised and improving situations, no matter or big or small. I believe it’s important to have humour in day to day life and always work towards taking care of my health.

Working for Health prioritises helping people. It's all about building confidence and hope; never about profit. I'm excited to, in my own way, contribute to Working for Health's mission.

I’m Chris and, at Working for Health, I’m the secretary to the Board of Directors. Filled with youthful dreams and bold ambitions I went South in search of work and ended up working in the Civil Service for more than 20 years. I’d love to travel the world but, in the meantime, I enjoy reading non-fiction; trying to master drawing, the piano and the Japanese art of iaido. When time and weather allows, I take time to feed the local crows.

Kirsty Akrill
Operations Manager

T: (01482) 242808

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There’s pride in the work we do, helping those who believe they have nothing to give to the labour market, seeing them flourish in a working environment is hugely satisfying.

I’m Kirsty and at Working for Health, I am the Operations Manager. I have many years working in Community Development, supporting the homeless or those at risk of homelessness and also providing community opportunities for people with dementia. I love being organised and enjoy camping and outdoor activities, particularly with my family and dog. Love to talk, listen, bake banana bread and Spring is my favourite season!

Caroline Fairbrass
Finance & Administration Assistant

T: (01482) 242808

I believe that you shouldn’t be defined by mental illness. You can achieve anything!

I’m Caroline and I’m a Finance and Administration Assistant at Working for Health. Previously I spent nearly 20 years working in administrative, customer service and credit control roles with a national utility company. I love listening to all types of music, gardening and have recently taken on an allotment plot. I am very approachable, responsive and enjoy seeing the small steps that every service user makes in their interactions with my colleagues.

Glen Kaveney
Work Recovery Coach

T: (01482) 242808

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations

I’m Glen and I am a Work Recovery Coach at Working For Health. My journey within the organisation started 2 years ago when my life was in a very different position than it is today. This progressed into a volunteering role and with a lot of help and support I was in the very fortunate position to be offered a Peer Support Worker role at Working For Health before being offered the role of Work Recovery Coach. Day to day, I help, support and engage with our clients and facilitate groups within our busy and unique prospectus. 

I like a wide range of different sports especially Football where I play and support my son who plays in the local Sunday League. I also like reading and listening to Podcasts from individuals with different backgrounds.

David Kennington
Finance & Administration Officer

T: (01482) 242808

Treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself…and always try to be kind to yourself

I’m David and I’m a Finance and Administration Officer at Working for Health. Previously, I spent many years working for the NHS at Beverley Westwood and Castle Hill Hospitals undertaking finance work starting at a time before computers were even being used! I have also worked at Hull City Council and Hull University. I also currently work at Wyke College as a Minibus driver bringing students daily from Lincolnshire and as an examination invigilator. I love driving and a qualified driving instructor and hold the HGV Class 2 licence and a full motorcycle licence. I enjoy travelling, swimming and following the (mis)fortunes of my local football team – Hull City. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren and appreciate the good fortune to enjoy excellent health.

Zuleika Woozeer
Administration Assistant

T: (01482) 242808

Sometimes the smallest gestures can have the biggest impact

I’m Zuleika and I’m an Administration Assistant, providing support to other staff members in a variety of areas. I joined Working For Health as a Volunteer after a change in personal circumstances left me feeling quite isolated. My favourite thing about the company is how dedicated and passionate the staff are about helping everyone who walks through their doors.

In my spare time I love crafting and have recently taken up Crochet and Jewellery Making.

Ruth Shipley
Work Recovery Coach (Interventions)

T: 01482242808

Spreading positivity and kindness brings positivity and kindness back to you.

I’m Ruth and I am a Work Recovery Coach at Working for Health. I joined the team in February 2024. Having previously worked in retail, I enjoy being around people and have been enjoying engaging with our clients during the workshops at Working for Health. In my free time I enjoy a variety of different things. I like to read and spending time with my two cats. I collect vinyl records (especially music from the 80s) and I enjoy gaming. I also have a large interest in stationery and will often be seen surrounded by a variety of pens and sticky notes.

Jamie Barnwell
Work Recovery Coach

T: 01482242808

Relationships are the currency of change

Hello! I’m Jamie, and I started at Working for Health in March 2024. I am a Work Recovery Coach for the Inspire Project, which aims to assist 18 to 29-year-olds in overcoming barriers related to mental health, physical health, and complex situations. The project is designed to help people get closer to finding and staying in employment.

I enjoy spending my free time being active through sports, exercise, and learning. Whether it’s hitting the gym, taking a walk, watching football or reading a book, I am always looking for ways to stay engaged and energized.

Andrea Telford-Kane
Work Recovery Coach

T: 01482 242808

When you feel the night will never end, look for the stars

Hi there! I’m Andrea – one of the work recovery coaches for Team Inspire! My journey with Working For Health started as a client in 2022, so I’m living proof that what we do really works!

I have a background in counselling and psychotherapy.  I love to bring an element of fun to my work, and I especially enjoy working with people to help them make the most of their potential and achieve their goals in life.

Outside of work I absolutely adore music and love to sing.  I’m also a keen artist and enjoy creating digital art. I’m really interested in languages which means that I am answerable daily to an angry green owl who ensures I keep my Duolingo practice up!

We’re here to help. Call (01482) 242808 to see how we can get you back to work.

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Other support

The following organisations we would recommend if you’re seeking further help and support.

East Riding Partnerships
The ERP provides a range of substance misuse services to adults across the East Riding.

Contact details
01482 344690

National Careers Service
Provide information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work.

Contact details
National Careers Service
0800 100 900