Ally’s Story

"I procrastinate still, but no longer run to the hills"Ally | East Riding of Yorkshire

In the begining…

I wanted to return to work, however following previous attempts and relapses I knew I was unable to, nor couldn’t face going back to care work; for which the pressures of, and responsibilities of, repeatedly proved to be detrimental to my ability to manage my illness. I was confused and unable to find a way forward or even which direction to move forward as care work was all I had known for several years.

How we helped you…

Initially I was apprehensive to what to expect as previous experience of similar programs had made me feel like a tick box to justify funding. But this felt immediately different. All the staff at Working for Health immediately made me feel safe, engaging in a way that gave me a purpose, made me feel like a real person, and that I mattered. Their support and guidance that I received gave me hope that I had the ability to regain confidence and believe in myself to move forward in the future. Also, that I could return to work and regain a level of independence and self-worth.

The Future…

Now, I see my future basically as having one!  I am now in full-time employment, on a basis which allows me to be flexible with myself; enabling me to work with my symptoms and achieve and maintain my independence. I have the hope and belief in myself to achieve the future I never believed I could have.

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