Jane’s Story

"the time I spent at Working for Health, was my time – it was for me"Jane | Hull

In the Beginning…

Previously I was part of an employment scheme which then came to an end and I needed to look for work particularly in the media area. 

Along with mental health issues, at home there are difficult family dynamics with my sibling having complex health needs and my mum a domestic violence survivor.  I often provide care for my sibling giving my mum a well-deserved rest. 

I was looking for support with both home circumstances and mental health along with trying to find work.

How we helped you….

Initially, it felt very different to what I had experienced before with employability and mental health support.  It was a very calming environment that I entered, and it was incredibly reassuring to have empathy & understanding – perhaps for the first time.  I felt at ease, and this immediately puts you in a better frame of mind.  In addition, because I provide care at home, it meant that this time I spent at Working for Health, was my time – it was for me.

When you look back, I can see that Id taken roles that were not right for me and too often, there’s little understanding of mental health in the workplace.

The Future….

I’ve always been seeking opportunities and gateways and now I’m so excited to start a new role.  It will be a higher apprenticeship. 

The future is unknown but I’m going to be in a better position to make decisions.  It’s exciting times. Not knowing isn’t necessarily bad – you just seek out and just go and do!

Everyone’s mental health is always there – sometimes good, sometimes not so.  It’s never going to be perfect but knowing people are out there to talk to feels like a weight is lifted.

It brings me peace knowing I’m not alone!