John’s Story

"Encountering Working for Health has meant opening my eyes to the possibility of working with others – to help them rebuild their own lives too."John | Hull

In the Beginning….

I was unemployed after a period of recovery from a serious anxiety and depressive event. This, ultimately, led to the practical loss of employment, home and eventually prompted having to move from London to Yorkshire. I’m not afraid to admit that I had entertained suicidal thoughts.

When I encountered Working for Health, gainful, long-term and rewarding employment was possible, but not a fully realistic or – critically – a sustainable one.

How we helped John….

My barriers to employment included – lack of recent employment (which can deter prospective employers from credibly engaging with job applications); a sense of low confidence and an awareness that I lacked proper and robust mental health resilience to help absorb future shocks, stress and sudden adverse life changes.

Working for Health has begun to help build resilience and confidence. This is being accomplished through a series of intense and positive one-to-one meetings. These meetings provide a regular and frequent mentoring and educational sessions. Through these regular interactions, genuine progress towards goals is being made.

I feel a real difference has been made. Since engaging with Working for Health, I feel more confident, more engaged in positive learning and activity and, crucially, feel supported by caring experts. To find people who genuinely care and work to the improvement of mental health is refreshing and provides and atmosphere fostering confidence and another ingredient, one which is important but often overlooked – hope.

The Future….

My plans include building a sense of confidence of rebuilding my life and widening my employment options. However, encountering Working for Health has meant opening my eyes to the possibility of working with others – to help them rebuild their own lives too.

I have since worked temporarily for the Civil Service and am currently volunteering, helping those that helped me.

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Throughout the pandemic our first priority has been and will continue to be the wellbeing of our members, volunteers, colleagues and visitors. Consequently, in line with Government guidelines surrounding Covid-19, the offices at Working for Health are accessible by appointment only. Full details can be found on our Covid-19 page.  We remain operational and continue to offer support remotely to our members and welcome new referrals.