Pippa’s Story

"The future looks so much better – its not entirely rosie but despite lockdown, I'm making plans to get a qualification"Pippa | East Riding

In the Beginning…

I found out about Working for Health through a leaflet at my GP surgery. As I live in a remote village and spent some considerable time grieving, I felt I needed all the help I could get.  I really felt that all the cards were stacked against me.  I was in a really bad place mentally with low self-esteem and low self-worth.  Id been out of the working game for so long as had been a carer so felt I was beaten before I started with no real skills and age was also against me.

How we helped you….

Working for Health has made me believe in myself again. They identified the barriers I faced in employment and placed all the facilities, hope and equipment that I need to work in the future.  My aim I to be a funeral celebrant but knew I needed to learn more about being online and how technology works.  I have researched courses that I can do online and gain a qualification in this area. 

I no longer feel worthless.  Because of the support that have been given, I’ve started to help myself too.  Looking at social groups which will help me with loneliness and isolation.  Of course lockdown hasn’t helped progress as quickly as Id like but I do keep in contact with people as much as possible and attend workshops and online drop ins when I can. 

The Future…

The future looks so much better – its not entirely rosie but despite lockdown, I’m making plans to get qualifications and a car. No doubt there will be hurdles and some wobbles along the way but I think this is human nature.  I’m certainly in a better place than I was.

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