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WfH Autumn/Winter Prospectus 2023

Date: October 2023
Published by: Working for Health

Our final group sessions of 2023!

As the days grow shorter and the weather turns crisp, we present our Autumn/Winter provision filled with engaging opportunities to brighten the darker days. The autumn months can be a time of change that impacts mental health. We remain committed to providing activities and events that connect our community and combat isolation. From creative workshops where you can connect over shared
passions, to our Tea and Talk session that offers a casual space to socialise over a warm beverage.

There is something for everyone.

WfH Summer Prospectus 2023

Date: August 2023
Published by: Working for Health

As we enter the summer season, we present our Summer Prospectus, which has been adjusted to accommodate staff holidays. While the prospectus is condensed for the first 6 weeks, we remain committed to providing engaging opportunities for our community. Within this summer prospectus, you will find a range of activities and events: From creative workshops to outdoor activities and support finding that dream job, there is something for everyone.

Hull City Ladies Charity Event 2023

Date: July 2023
Published by: Working for Health CIC

A family fun day celebrating football and life, whilst remembering Donna Nickolay, who is always in our thoughts. Raising awareness around mental health and that it’s okay to talk.

WfH Summer Prospectus 2023

Date: April 2023
Published by: Working for Health

Welcome to our latest prospectus, where we are excited to introduce the start of spring with a range of new workshops and activities designed to help you relax, unwind, and improve your mental and physical well-being.

In response to feedback from our members, we have revamped our walking group, which now offers a wider range of routes and terrains to explore, helping you stay active and enjoy the great outdoors.

Our range of workshops, which cover everything from interview techniques to stress management, are designed to help you build confidence, improve your skills, and move towards your employment goals.

Marketing & Events Volunteer

Date: February 2023
Published by: Working for Health

WfH Winter 2023 Prospectus

Date: December 2022
Published by: Working for Health

The new year is a time for new beginnings. It’s a time people often set goals and resolutions for the coming year. It’s also a time to reflect on your wellbeing, mental health and how you are feeling about yourself.  One of the most important things is to take care of your wellbeing by eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep and relaxation, and spending time with friends or family.

We hope you enjoy this quarter’s offerings for our first prospectus of the 2023!

Workshop Facilitator / Support Volunteer

Date: December, 2022
Published by: Working for Health

WfH Autumn/Winter 2022

Date: November 2022
Published by: Working for Health

With the festive season comes an influx of seasonal roles as demand increases. For those of you seeking jobs in
retail, this is a great time to secure a role to boost your CV!

Take a look at our Vocational workshops covering job search, application support and interview skills.  New for this year is our workshop on self-employment, exploring the fundamentals of running your own business.

WfH Autumn 2022

Date: September 2022
Published by: Working for Health

We are ready and raring to go for our Autumn prospectus and we are excited to be resuming our usual offerings. We end the summer holidays with a bang with our wonderful TakeOver2 festival. Depending when you read this, this may or may not have happened yet! Thank you to all of you who are getting involved and supporting us.

Social Media & Discord Volunteer

Date: August 2022
Published by: Working for Health