Our process

Working for Health is the only specialist mental health vocational rehabilitation provider in the region. We base our process on evidence based methods to provide comprehensive services for people with mental health conditions.

It’s all about Attainment

Someone who has received employability training will get proficient at applying for jobs. Someone who has gone through our vocational rehabilitation programme will develop the skills to independently apply for jobs and to keep them.

For us it is not just about ambition, it is about attainment.

“The goal of returning to meaningful work seemed daunting. Out of reach. Yet the moment I engaged with Working for Health I felt that my goal was now possible. Working for Health may have a bold, intense and innovative process; but it’s a client-focused process backed by tried and tested expertise.”

Recovery Theory

We base our work on established Recovery Theory and use Peer Workers as part of our delivery model. The Peers act as a positive role model; ensure the service is responsive to the needs of the community and to the individuals within that community; and gain skills for themselves to enhance their own opportunities.

The Individual Placement and Support model is proven to be the most effective form of vocational rehabilitation for people with mental health conditions. We encourage the learner to set aspirations and targets meaningful to them: building hope, confidence and skills.

We provide the specialist link between employment services and mental health services. We are aware of the process of the mental health services and the Job Centre Plus, and therefore compliment both the clinical pathway and job search conditionality.

We effectively track the learner journey, establishing baselines and outcomes. This evidences the distance travelled for each person and thereby proves the investment is both effective and cost effective.

We deliver impressive outcomes and outputs.

What makes us different from other providers is that we get people into real jobs and help them to keep them.

We’re here to help. Call (01482) 242808 to see how we can get you back to work.

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Other support

The following organisations we would recommend if you’re seeking further help and support.

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